Rural health facilities provide quality care

From Kansas First News:

You don’t always have to go to a big city hospital to get quality care. That’s the message rural hospitals are telling the communities they serve.

Dr. Clint Colberg finds working at a rural hospital more rewarding than in a ‘big city’ one.

“The biggest benefit of a rural hospital is just the ability to know each and every one of your patients,” Dr. Colberg says.

Despite smaller budgets and smaller staffs, rural facilities say they can provide care equal to larger, metropolitan facilities that local residents may not even know about.

Fears of addiction keep cancer patients from getting pain relief

From Reuters:

Fears of opioid abuse and addiction might be keeping patients with advanced cancer from getting enough pain medicine, researchers say.

“At the end of life, we should feel comfortable providing whatever necessary to control pain,” said Joel Hyatt, assistant regional director at Kaiser Permanente. Concerns about overdose and addiction, he told Reuters Health, should not prevent terminally ill patients from obtaining relief.

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Hospital Emergency Room Use in Medicaid: What We Know

From the Piper Report:

MACPAC found that increased use of the ED by Medicaid enrollees is due to the higher rates and severity of chronic disease and disability that enrollees experience in comparison to those who are uninsured and privately insured. Another presumed reason for the high use of the ED could be lack of access to primary, specialty, dental, and outpatient mental health care in other settings.

Program curbs ER trips with paramedic home visits

From Tucson:

A northwest-side fire department is testing a new program that seeks to lessen the number of emergency medical calls by providing some patients with in-home visits from specially trained paramedics.

The goal of the Golder Ranch Fire District “paramedicine” program is to cut costs for hospital emergency rooms while providing added services to residents in its coverage area.

Widow: Husband’s Hairy Chest Reason for Not Defibrillating on Flight

From Gawker:

While on board a Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Albuquerque, Jack Jordan suffered a massive heart attack, which rallied passengers on the flight to give the man CPR. While others gathered to a help, a flight attendant allegedly said the heart defibrillator couldn’t be used because the man’s chest was too hairy.

Fed up with violent incidents, hospitals seek to balance security with patient care

From Fierce Healthcare:

All hospitals now focus on security and preventing violence to keep patients and staff safe, according to Kerry McKean Kelley, vice president of communications for the New Jersey Hospital Association, who spoke to New Jersey 101.5 after last week’s shooting death of a patient at Kennedy University Hospital in South Jersey.

Kelley said that the security measures are part of hospital’s everyday planning. The biggest challenge, she said, is balancing the need for security and keeping the hospital setting a welcoming environment for patients and visitors.

“Security is paramount, but we also need to have that open access, that’s part of a role of a community hospital,” she said.


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